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Manage your Weight Loss

My daughter and I have worked together for many years in the wedding planning and design business. She is an incredible artist and does all of our Calligraphy for wedding signage. After having all 4 of her babies, she struggled to get the weight off due to PCOS and insilin resistance. See her story below...

Hi Im Karli, I started on Smagludtide (GLP_1) in March of 2023 and it changed my life. I didnt know if it was going to work for me, but I am happy to say that it did! I lost 55 Pounds in 5 Months! It has been an amazing life change, and Im forever grateful! I feel so much better and my energy is through the roof. I used to dread shopping for clothes and I would cringe at getting my photo taken. All of those negitive feelings are gone and I couldnt feel more like my true self! I am so impressed with the quality of service that Qyral provides. If you are thinking of taking this life changing step... I cheer you on!!!

As a mom, I am so proud of Karli and all she has accomplished! Besides the obvious visible difference, I can see a huge confidence and happiness boost in her everyday life! We have been so inspired by her results that my husband (Karli's dad) started on Semaglutide and is 25 pounds down, and his A1C is down too!

If you are at all interested in Semagludide or Tirzepatide, you can read about it here in more detail. We found Qyral and everthing became so much easier and private. They have top quality doctors and every prescription is customized for YOU! You can click HERE, Once you are in the Qyral website, you pick the catagory you are interestd in (ie; weight management, Skin Care etc.) Then you click the "Get Started" button, fill out the form, after your application is reviewed by the doctor and you are approved for a prescription... It will be sent to you! If you have more questions feel free to email us in the Contact page tab.


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