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Changes coming to RVE

Many years ago I dreamed of working in the wedding industry. I loved helping family and friends with their weddings and slowly it became a passion. I started out part time and grew a thriving wedding decor business that surprised even me. I thought it would be a "nice service" to have a few things for rent... and boy was it ever! Before I knew it I had created one of the first and largest specialty vintage rental companies in Utah.

Our humble beginnings started in St. George, Utah where we found ourselves traveling to Salt Lake City more than 50% of the time for events, so we moved back to Salt Lake (my home town) and that is when the adventure really began.

Becoming an event rental company created many opportunities to get to know and become friends with many talented people in this industry, so many wonderful people... clients, brides, vendors, planners, florists, caterers etc. All while driving more miles in our delivery van around the state of Utah than I can count, it is now time to retire and say...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all that have made this all possible! Thank you to my rock star husband, family and friends... especially Karli (my business partner extraordinaire) for your tireless help and muscles! It has been the greatest adventure with friendships made that I will cherish into the future!

So… it’s hard to say but we are officially no longer providing large rentals or deliveries.

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